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Leveraging Comments


HiveManager provides a simple way to capture, analyze and share beekeeping information to improve results. 

Rather than requiring structured data inputs, we opted for a simple way to capture incremental data about your apiaries: Comments.

Comments gives you the flexibility to capture data any way you want, using terms you and your team are comfortable with. The Dashboard helps you quickly filter Comments using any combination of words, numbers, tags and timeframes. 

You can enhance comments using standardized terms or tags to describe an action or attribute. Add a descriptor or number after the tag to provide additional information.

For example, you can use tags like "#AFBCheck", "#FeederIn" or "SuperOn" to describe standard tasks that have been completed at an Apiary. Using the dashboard, you can filter apiaries by the same tags within a specific timeframe to determine where these tasks have or have not been performed. 

Use Cases

To get the most out of the application, we recommend that you have a plan for how you intend to leverage these comments within your operations before you start. To help, we have developed the following use case overviews from discussions with beekeepers currently using the application.

Monitor apiary activity and tasks that have been completed

Define tasks that need to be completed at apiaries 

Track apiary attributes that drive activities and improve decision making 

Capture honey source, quality & quality details for reporting & decision making

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