The Account section of the Account page outlines the email of the subscription account owner, the subscription plan that they have signed up for, the status of the subscription and the date they signed up for a subscription. 


The Admin role can also cancel their account by selecting CANCEL ACCOUNT. This will present the following dialog asking the user to confirm by typing "CANCEL" in the field provided. This requirements is to assure that the user understands that this action will remove all users and subscription data from the system. Once this is confirmed, this will stop any additional subscription fees from accruing.

Payment Methods

The Payment Methods section of the screen is where you can add, delete or switch a credit card from Primary to Backup. To add a credit card, simply select the "+" button on the top right of the section, enter the required information (different for different countries) and SAVE. The system will check that the card is valid and, if so, will remove the screen and place the last four digits of the card details below the headers. 

The first card that is entered will be listed as the Primary card which means this will be billed for the subscription each month. Additional cards will be added as backup. These will not be charged if the Primary card fails but can be changed to the Primary card by deleting the Primary card. 

To delete a card, simply select the trash can to the right of the card.



The Transactions section of the screen will show a listing of subscription billing transactions including the date, the last 4 digits of the card used and the amount.