​The Dashboard page provides a quick glance of recent activities and location of all apiaries on a map. You can filter activities by keywords, tags and date ranges and see the filtered apiaries on a map with a blue hive indicator. The intent is to provide a quick way to identify apiaries that do or don't

require focus based on meeting apiary comment filter criteria. By understanding their position on the map, you can quickly determine both the number of apiaries that need attention and their geographic location to better plan logistics.

Depending on the device you are using and the device orientation, the Summary may show both the Activity and the Map on the screen side by side (shown below), or may default to tabs for each with the Activity tab shown.



By default, the Activity screen shows the 10 most recent comments added to the system sorted by comment entry date/time. To see more comments, just scroll down. The comment is shown on the top line of each entry with the apiary name - user first name and date/time of entry listed in the second line.​ 

The Search function enables you to filter all comments by any individual word or tag or combination of these along with a date range. Just select the Search field and your most recent 5 search terms will show below this. You can select one of these or enter a new search term or enter the # sign and the list of available tags will be shown that you can select from. The default search timeframe is "Any time" but you can select the drop down indicator to select other set time ranges or set a custom time range.

Once you have completed this, you will see a filtered list of apiary comments that match the search term and the time range. Search terms and tags will be indicated in the filtered comments.



By default, the Maps screen will resize to show all apiaries entered into the application with a yellow apiary indicator. If activity filters have been applied, the apiaries that match the filter criteria will be differentiated by a blue apiary indicator. 

To change the map view, select the Layers icon on the top left of the screen to choose between Default, Terrain, Satellite or Offline. To download offline maps (New Zealand only currently), select the download arrow from the top right of the screen. To display the map on the full screen, select the full screen icon on the top right of the screen. 

To center the map on your current location, select the location indicator at the top of the three icons on the bottom right of the screen. Lastly, to zoom in or out, select the + or - buttons on the bottom right of the screen.