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Activity Planning


Using comments to list apiary activities that need to be completed can be an easy way to communicate specific priorities and tasks to team members. This can be as simple as having team members write notes for next apiary visit in free form text or can require them to document required follow up items by using specific terms or tags that can be filtered on in the Dashboard later to plan those activities.

Activity Planning Example

  • Capture Your Data

    • Team agrees to add specific tags to apiary comments when they determine follow up activities are needed

    • Team agrees to add required supplies tags and quantities to apiary comment to support activities

  • Analyze Your Data

    • Filter on date range and review specific tags to determine apiaries that require follow up activities 

    • Add filter on required supplies to determine supplies needed

    • Use map to plan schedule and routes to apiaries to conduct follow up activities

​Sample Activity Planning Terms/Tags​






  +Excluder #

  +Lids #

  +Straps #

  +Super #


Hives in apiary need to be rechecked for APB

Used as a precursor to highlight an required task

Hives in apiary need to be rechecked (general)

Identifies that supplies needed at apiary + items below

Excluders needed and # needed

Lids needed and # needed

Straps needed and # needed

Supers needed and # needed

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