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Add Edit Delete

Add, edit and delete an apiary

​Add Apiary

  1. Select the "+" button from either a property summary or the apiary list page

  2. Select the correct Property from the drop down

  3. Enter an Apiary Name

  4. Optional but recommended - enter the apiary location by selecting the map icon 

   NOTE: If you are at the apiary at the time you edit your apiary details you can select the current location icon on the map to select your current


Edit an apiary 

  1. Navigate to the apiary using either the property or apiary list

  2. Select the pencil icon in the top right

  3. Edit any of the apiary details

  4. If you need to change the location, select the map icon 

Delete an apiary

  1. Navigate to the apiary list

  2. Select the row overflow icon (3 small dots at right end of row)

  3. Select Delete from the menu

  4. Type in the word "DELETE" to confirm deletion of the apiary and all apiary records from the system and then select CONFIRM. 

Finding Apiary

Finding an apiary 

There are several ways to navigate to an apiary 

  1. Navigate to the apiary page to see the list of all apiaries. To find apiaries with specific attributes, select "+Add filter" to filter the apiaries by property, hive or nuc count. This will return only apiaries that meet the filter criteria. Select the apiary you want from the list to view the Apiary summary.

2. To find apiaries based on all or part of the property or apiary name, place your cursor in the search bar and start typing the search characters. The

    list of apiaries will narrow to those matching the entries as you type. You can then select the desired apiary from the list.

3. Navigate to the Property page and select the property that the apiary is at and then select the correct apiary

4. View the map on the dashboard and select the apiary location icon. This will open a bubble that allows you to select and view the comments for

    the corresponding apiary. The video below outlines how to navigate to an apiary using Google Maps.

Apiary Summary

Apiary Summary

If you select an apiary from the Apiary list, it will bring you to the Apiary Summary page which provides the following functions: 

  • A summary including the name, property name, hive and nuc counts

  • Quick navigation icons to view the location of the apiary on a map or to get navigation instructions

  • Functions to add comments, update hive & nuc count and to move hives between apiaries

Add Edit Delete Comment

Add, edit and delete comments

Adding a comment to an apiary 

  1. Select the "+" button from the comments section 

  2. This will open the add apiary comment page where you can add a comment before selecting “SAVE” in the top right

  3. This adds the comment to the selected apiary

Editing or deleting an existing comment 

  1. Select the  action overflow at the end of the row

  2. Select either edit or delete 

Using Tags in Comments

Adding tags to a comment 

  1. Select the # before typing the comment

  2. This will bring up a list of all existing tags

  3. If your tag is not on the list you can create one by entering the # and then the tag name without any spaces (#Needs_Straps)

Deleting a tag

  1. Select the action overflow icon at the end of the row

  2. Select edit

  3. Delete the tag from the comment 

  4. If you want to delete a #Tag completely so that it no longer appears in the dropdown selection menu you must remove all comments containing that tag. 

Updating Hive Nuc Counts

Updating hive and nuc counts

Moving Hives

To update hive or nuc counts at a given apiary:

  1. Navigate to the Apiary Summary for the apiary

  2. Select the hive icon with the plus sign on it

  3. Update the Hive Count and Nuc Count fields

  4. Select SAVE

Moving hives between apiaries

To move hives between two apiaries:

  1. Navigate to the Apiary Summary for the apiary

  2. Select the hive icon 4 arrows around it

  3. Enter the number of hives to move

  4. Select the Apiary that they are moving to

  5. Repeat the same steps for nucs

  6. Select SAVE

  7. This will reduce the current apiary numbers by the amounts entered and add the corresponding amounts to the Apiaries chosen

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