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Apiary Attributes


Using comments to capture apiary attributes can be an easy way to understand and share apiary details with team members. Attributes can describe hive assets at the apiary (e.g. number of supers), status of the apiary itself (e.g. flowering type, honey flow started) or traceability data (e.g. source of hives in apiary).

Apiary Attributes Example

  • Capture Your Data

    • Team agrees to capture average hive counts, strength, honey flow and hives ready to move

  • Analyze Your Data

    • Filter on date range, honey flow and hive count to identify apiaries that may need more hives

    • Filter on hive strength and move readiness to determine apiaries nearest flowering areas with strong hives available

    • Assign move tag to those apiaries to designate where the hives should be moved to

​Sample Apiary Attributes Terms/Tags​



#Super (#)

#Harvest (#)

#Strength (#)

#AFB (#) 


#Brood (1 or 2)


#Dead (#) 

#FeederIn (#) 


#Flowering (Type) 

#Ready (#) 

#From (Apiary) 

#To (Apiary) 



Number of supers at apiary

Number of supers removed for harvest

Average strength of hives at apiary

Number of hives with AFB

Blossoming or honey flow has started

Number of brood boxes per hive at apiary

Queen cells were introduced into the hives

Current count of dead hives at apiary

Count of feeders added at apiary

The date that feeders were removed

The flowering type - e.g. #Flowering Manuka

The number of hives ready to move

The apiary hives came from - e.g. #From (Apiary Name)

Where hives were moved to - e.g. #To (Apiary Name)

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