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HiveManager was designed as a simple way to capture, analyze and share beekeeping information to improve results. 

Rather than requiring structured data inputs, we opted for a simple way to capture incremental data about your apiaries: Comments.

This provides you the flexibility to capture the data any way you want to want, using terms you and your team are comfortable with while still being able to quickly see (and view on map) which apiaries contain specific Comment terms (or tags) within specific timeframes. 

The tables below provide some examples of how you can use apiary comments to improve your results 

Improving Honey Quantity

Increasing average honey kg/hive comes down to executing the basics (placing strong hives, in strong apiaries at the right time) more often and more consistently. Using apiary comments, HiveManager can help by providing an easy way to capture and filter on the following information:

  • Average kg of honey produced per hive by apiary along with harvest timing

  • Average hive strength by apiary to identify the strongest hives, closest to flowering areas to move

  • Average number of supers per hive by apiaries to ensure appropriate capacity for peak flowering times

The table below provides some examples of tags or text that could be used in apiary comments, and filter on in the dashboard, to improve results. 

Decision                                                  Criteria                                       Tag or text                                          Dashboard Filter

Highest quantity apiaries                     >x kg honey/hive                     #avkg(# or description)                    #avkg10, #avkghigh - 1/1/17-1/1/18

Highest strength apiaries                     >x hive strength                       #avstrength(# or description)        #avstrength10, #avstrengthhigh - 1/1/17-1/1/18

Low Super Count                                  <x supers/hive                          #avsuper(# or description)             #avsuper2, avsuperlow - 1/1/17-1/1/18

Improving Honey Quality

Improving average honey quality 

Decision                                                  Criteria                                       Tag or text                                          Dashboard Filter

Highest quality apiaries                       >x quality                                   #avquality(# or descripiton)           #avquality10, #avqualityhigh - 1/1/17-1/1/18

Reduce Disease Costs

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Transportation Costs

Reduce Contract Costs

  • Monitor the strength of apiaries and task resources to improve the strength to optimal level by time of nectar flow                     

  • Monitor the rate that queens are laying to be able to intervene if necessary to ensure hives are at optimal strength by time of nectar flow 

  • Identify potential swarming risks based on hive strength & historical high risk swarming sites & monitoring these more often to minimize swarming & associated honey loss                        

  • Improve hive strength by monitoring where and when varroa treatments have been administered        

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