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Navigation Icons

Opens the main menu bar 

Opens Intercom, the HiveManager help instant messenger 

Select your current location on the map 

Zoom in on the map

Zoom out on the map

Opens the available map layers

Download the map

Expand the map

Indicates an unfiltered apiary. It can be selected to show the details and navigate to the comments and property details. 

Indicates an apiary that matches filter criteria. Also can be select to show the details.

Expands menu

Collapses menu

Remove a user

Resends an invitation email

Add - including property or apiary

Shows directions in Google maps

Edits - including property and apiary details

Shows the location on the map

Open the apiary selection map

Opens additional options such as edit and delete


Indicates a search field


Used to filter apiaries by property, hive count or nuc count

Used to update the hive count or nuc count at an apiary


Used to move hives from one apiary site to another

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