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Simpler, smarter beekeeping

  Improve honey production and quality

  1. Collect property and apiary details

  2. Filter apiaries based on actionable criteria

  3. Plot filtered apiaries on map to plan activities

  4. Map most efficient travel to apiaries

  5. Reference property access and hazard data on/off-line

  6. Capture apiary data and quickly share with team

How it works

Why HiveManager?

Simple to use

Intuitive design, developed in conjunction with commercial beekeepers to simplify data entry, analysis, and planning.

Works online or offline

Works seamlessly between online and offline modes. All data is available offline and any entries are automatically updated and shared with your team as soon as you reconnect.

Effectively plan priorities

Quickly assess Apiaries that need attention through keyword/tag/time search, view them on a map and coordinate priority activities with your team on priorities

Everything you need to improve your results

Data entry

Simple, accurate property and apiary data capture

Add tags to apiaries to simplify entry and analysis

Reference and edit data on/off-line

Data analysis

Filter apiaries by comments, tags and date range

View filtered list and mapped apiaries side by side

Easily assess highest production and quality apiaries

Activity planning

Identify apiaries with disease risk and map route to them

Identify strong apiaries close to flowering and map route

Identify swarm risks and map route to apiaries


Complete record of where/when AFB checks took place

Easily lookup export and regulatory information

Get property access and hazard information on/off-line

Data sharing

Data available to team as soon as entered (online) 

Quickly identify priority tasks that have been completed

Share hive counts and production with property owners

Data security

Automated cloud backup/recovery when online

Secure user access protection

Role based security for different user types

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